Q & A


Weddings are expensive!! Can we take off the engagement session to save money?
Boy do I hear you, who knew that stocking up on forever stamps would become a hobby? All $$ talk aside, I purposely include a free engagement session with every wedding. The main reason? I really don’t want the first time I’ve seen you kiss or hug be on your wedding day! Getting cozy in front of the camera can be weird – let’s not be weird on your wedding day.

Where are you located?
Are we talking literally or mentally? Literally, Eastern Iowa (and my parents live in Northeastern Ohio- when do you stop identifying with your childhood home as home?). Mentally, ANYWHERE. Are you planning a wedding in another time zone, hemisphere, on another continent? Hit me up- I would probably want to come!

Where’s your studio?
ANYWHERE! I don’t have a physical studio. For engagement, family, and portrait sessions, I prefer to find places in the community that are inspiring and meaningful. This could be your kitchen or this could be the location of your first date!

What’s with the film? Are you going to give me a bunch of negatives?
Film is what I grew up on (and so did you , unless you didn’t, in which case I feel old). Its also what reinvigorated my love for photography and how I learned to manually shoot with an SLR camera. When I shoot film, I usually capture many of the shots on digital, but use my 35mm to push my creativity, learn, and provide you with unique photos. All my film is developed in one of the nation’s best film processing labs and then is scanned into digital format. You can still share on facebook or email them to mom!

Nikon or Canon?
I’m a canon girl. Nikon names are like a foreign language to me.

Wait! You’re giving me all the digital images?
Yeppers! When I was looking for a wedding photographer, this was one of the ways I narrowed down my choices. For some folks having printing rights makes sense, for others it may not. I suggest you think about how you may want to use your photos now and in the future to decide whether you need or want your digital files. I consider myself to be a shoot and share photographer. This means, I run my business on the profits made from session fees. There will be no sales pitch or slideshow or proofing gallery where you you have to pick your favorite photos. This let’s me concentrate on making our photo shoots the best possible experience for you.

Do you travel?
Yes’sire! I have a passport dying to be stamped. Afraid the travel costs would be too much? Send me an email and find out! If the location of your wedding is on the bucket list for my husband and I, then its likely we’ll just ask you to cover travel costs. Located in Spain? So is my best friend! I plan on spending a month or two in Valencia, Spain in 2015- get in touch if you’d like to schedule a shoot or wedding.

Can we be friends?
YESSSS. I’m an extrovert- this means I soak up my energy from interacting with other people. Are you reading this without any intention to book me? I would still probably want to be your friend! Are you another photographer (new or seasoned) in my backyard? Let’s get coffee, or wine, or a basket of chips and salsa! Someone across the country? I’m a seasoned skype pro!