The way mom my looked at me, all day, but particularly the way she helped me into my dress and the pride that swelled in her eyes.



My best friend being by my side and letting my “something borrowed” be her beautiful veil.

weddingsmallphotos-128 Our first look. And the calm happiness that washed over me after we saw each other for the first time.



The beautiful people that made our wedding day possible and worked for days to put all the details together.


That look. That look of love my mother-in-law had for her son.



The giggles when Alex tried to give me his right hand instead of left during our ceremony.


The beautiful hall that was transformed by over a year of detail collection and two days worth of work on part of my closest family and friends.



All the delicious desserts my mother-in-law made from scratch the week leading up to the wedding.


The photos we found of one another when sifting through family pictures leading up the wedding. Somehow, two years apart, at different preschools, we managed to cheese-it-up with the same miniature pony.



Sigh. Our sunset portraits. Not only did this time produce some stunning portraits, but it was a mini retreat. Fresh air, just us. It was perfect.


Our delicious cake (that was still tasty a year later!) hand made by my maid of honor and lovingly smooshed onto my husbands face :)



That time I embraced the “dip” a bit too much and almost fell. Don’t worry, my husband caught me.


The conga line!



Each of these photos are intricately linked with a memory. They made me smile, laugh, think, reflect. Photos should make you do that. They should make you feel. You may see pretty composition, good lighting. Yes that’s all there. But I see proof and I feel the day coming back to me each time I look back on these.

Countless thanks to the beautiful and talented Arielle Doneson Photography for capturing our wedding day and guiding me as a young photographer.