Well first things first, I’m a photographer (you’ve probably figured that out already).  By photographer, I mean I love light: gorgeous, golden, hazy, beams of sunlight, streaking through the willow branches.  I also love people; soon-to-be-married couples that are giddy in love, baby fat (and baby toes, and baby neck, and babies in general), and brand-spanking-new parents that are experiencing a sort of love that is heart melting to watch.

Beyond people and light? Hmm. I love:

my husband. best decision ever marrying that guy.

traveling. i’ll sleep on the floor (any floor- airplane, airport, strangers’ floor) if it means I’m somewhere new, seeing something different.

cooking. usually with copious amounts of butter and olive oil. and cheese. or pizza. we’re total pizza snobs (we actually own a pizza peel kinda pizza snobs)

kids. like in the sort of way where I’m getting my masters in school counseling. Let’s be honest, they’re awesome, and if they aren’t generally awesome upon first glance, its because you’ve got to clean your glasses, take another look, and give ‘em a chance. 

The basic run-down: I like taking pictures, and I want to keep doing that- let me do that for you.  We’ll probably become friends, or at least Facebook friends.

p.s. my name really is Carolyn, and my middle name really is Ann.

p.p.s thank you to the awesome Lane Baldwin Photography for that shot of me up there.