Breathing.November 18, 2014


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I am so incredibly blessed. In a way that overwhelms me and stops my breath. I’m healthy, warm, well-fed, well-traveled, I could go on.  As each year of my life passes, my gratitude swells.

Recently, I traveled to Spain to spend time with my best friend and her beautiful, brand new babies (yes! twins!). Life stopped for those 6 days, yet at the same time it sped by and was more saturated. Hours would pass over one cafe table, one carafe of wine. The same time would be spent away from phones, emails, notifications. I napped, yes napped, for the first time in so long.

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Included in those hours were time for reflection and introspection.  And I came to a few conclusions:

- My life is too busy. I’m going to start cutting out what doesn’t matter and focus on what is important.

- My craft as a photographer has been neglected and needs time to grow and be nurtured.

- I miss cooking and eating real, well-made food.

What does this mean?

Until March 1, 2015, I will not be taking on any new photography clients. I will continue to work with families and couples whom with I’ve already schedule sessions or who I have been photographing regularly. 

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- I want some time to recuperate, reexamine, and grow – so that my business and art can be more of what my clients deserve.

- I want to focus on developing more of the habits and rituals that nourish me and help me stay focused. This ranges from yoga to cooking to regularly updating my budget (oof!)

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What will I be working on?

In particular, I want to improve my work as a film photographer. I want to develop more streamlined and accessible ways to give my clients information before and after their sessions. I am hoping to explore high quality print and heirloom products so that I can expand my print and tangible offerings. There’s some other logistical things. Holidays, a bucket-list dream-worthy trip to Asia, my Master’s program comprehensive exams- to name a few.

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I want to reiterate- If I have a session scheduled with you or if I have been your family’s photographer in the past, our plans for a photo shoot still stand.



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