Tiffin Family Photography, Iowa Family Photographer | R Family and Goofy Everett!September 26, 2014

14_9 Rusch Family071_WEB

This little guy, Everett, is SO stinking sweet to his parents. He did this adorable thing where he’d grab mom and dad’s face- gahhh melting just thinking about it. Fear not, like every 2 year he did his fair share of running! Enjoy this lovely family’s evening- we started on their front porch (there is something so sweet about snagging a few photos at your first house as a family!) then made our way to nearby Kent Park.14_9 Rusch Family005_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family074_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family004_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family003_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family019_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family014_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family016_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family012_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family020_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family042_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family039_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family029_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family051_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family052_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family036_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family044_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family037_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family022_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family049_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family066_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family061_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family069_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family072_WEB 14_9 Rusch Family057_WEB

As promised, one good “darting” shot hehe!14_9 Rusch Family031_WEB

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