North Liberty Iowa Family Photography, Baby’s First Year Photography | Evie Turns 1!August 7, 2014


Ahh remember this little nugget?? Well she is feisty and happy to turn one. I cannot describe how much fun I had at this session. Evie was just a ball of joy, giggling and on the move! We started with some family photos and then moved onto photos of just the birthday girl herself. Then, ahhh, the cake smash! It was her first time having sweets, and she had more fun playing with it than eating it- still cute!Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography001_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography004_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography007_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography005_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography008_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography011_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography009_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography013_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography012_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography016_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography014_WEB

Seriously her facial expressions KILL me!Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography015_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography018_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography021_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography019_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography023_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography022_WEB

Time to clean up that frosting- bath time & some of my favorite photos :)Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography025_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography026_WEB Carolyn_Ann_Photography_Iowa_Lifestyle_Photography027_WEB

Jenny, Austin, & Evie-

I had so much fun with you three- I can’t wait to pop on over soon for more photos :D



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