Hunting Valley Ohio Family Photography, Chagrin Falls Family Photos | Boaz & the B FamilyAugust 8, 2014

14_7_Brown_Family_Photos010_WEBOn a recent trip back to Ohio, I was so happy to meet up with this sweet family to take some photos. This little guy has been through a lot in the last year, and came quite early, experiencing some health issues, but as you can see he is chunking out and looking adorable as ever!  It is so incredibly obvious how much his parents are in love with him and how they dote is adorable to watch! Be prepared to melt into his baby blue eyes :)

14_7_Brown_Family_Photos015_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos064_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos026_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos140_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos081_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos041_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos057_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos083_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos091_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos072_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos117_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos096_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos030_WEB

I love this picture of Boaz and his mama up there on the left- isn’t Joy absolutely glowing?!14_7_Brown_Family_Photos068_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos099_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos127_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos046_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos132_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos123_WEB

Where’d Boaz go?!? SuperBaby has arrived! hehe
14_7_Brown_Family_Photos146_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos148_WEB 14_7_Brown_Family_Photos162_WEB

B Family-

Thank you so much for your kindness and hospitality (we loved the tour of the area!). I can’t wait to watch your family grow.



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