Iowa Baby Photographer | My Best Friend is Having Twins!April 25, 2014

Twinkle Twinkle Subway Art

My best friend, Marissa, also known as “my friend who lives in Spain” is having TWINS! Last weekend we gathered in Ohio to show her and the babes some love! PLUS we found out the sexes. Talk about an emotional moment, but more on that below :) Enjoy the lovelies from this Twinkle Twinkle themed Twin Shower.Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0008

All the tasty desserts were homemade :)Twinkle Twinkle little Star Dessert Table Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0002

We had guests vote- did they think it would be 2 boys, 2 girls, or 1 of each!Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0010 Baby Shower Food

For favors, we wrapped up two tiny tea lights with star tags that said “gracias” (as a nod to the twins future home and dual language!). ┬áThese tea lights are to be lit when the twins make their appearance for positive energy and prayers for safe passage. ┬áThis is especially fitting considering the theme and that twins can need a little extra love when they’re born.Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0007 Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0009

AHHHHH time for the gender reveal! Marissa sat on a sealed envelope from the doctor’s that stated the sex of baby a and baby b (she didn’t peek!). We took that envelope along with decorated boxes to a party supply store to be filled with coordinating balloons- so this was a surprise for everyone in the room, including the expecting parents!Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0003 Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0014

Needless to say, I sorta started crying and shaking at this point! I forgot to turn the camera vertical to get some shots of the balloons, oops! Too much emotion!Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0015

Both Marissa and Josep had voted for “one of each”! Marissa had 2 dreams that she was having a boy and a girl, so her instincts were correct.Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0016 Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0004

Here the Six Pack is with the glowing parents (minus Jess whose studying in Georgia)Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0005

I can’t wait to snuggle on these sweet babies :*Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0006

Of course, I couldn’t let them get away without a few more, full box/full balloon shots!Coralville Iowa Baby Photographer_0001

For planners in the NE Ohio area, this was held at Matchworks Tavern in Mentor, Ohio.

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