101 in 1,001 | New Film CameraDecember 16, 2013

Iowa City Film Photographers Gear

Iowa City Film Photographers Gear

Iowa City Film Photographers Gear

Yes, photographers do enjoy taking photos of their cameras!

I’ve made it pretty obvious that shooting film is pretty important to me as an artist, photographer, and person… Well when I dropped my film camera (a Rebel) on the ground and had to revert to using rubberbands to keep it held together for months, I decided it was time for an upgrade.  I’ve only had the chance to take this lovely out for a spin a few times, but I am super excited for what it will offer me as a photographer.

For those of you that are interested my search process went a bit like this:

1. Compatible with my Canon lenses (with autofocus- My eyesight needs it!)

2. 35 mm (not ready for the medium format leap yet…)

3. In my budget…

4. Flash compatibility

And voila I wound up with the EOS 3. Obviously, it was a slightly longer process than this, but you get the general idea…

Here’s a few pretties I’ve gotten from this camera :)

Iowa City Maternity Photography Weekend in Milwaukee on Film

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