101 in 1,001 | iPhone & InstagrammingDecember 19, 2013

Iowa City Photographers Iphone Upgrade

Alright, alright, I know- I’m super late on this, but I’ve upgraded to a smart phone. See the thing is that I’m not opposed to technology or being connected, on the contrary- I have a job in IT and lurrv social media.

To be honest, I’m sorta cheap.  But the hubs and I realized it was time to make the leap and upgrade.  I’ve also been wanting to instagram and have a decent, easy, and accessible camera at the ready.  While I’ll never argue that iPhone cameras are appropriate to capture all of life’s moments, I have found myself annoyed when I spotted this great sunset or funny sign without my DSLR to capture it.

A few of my favorite apps?

Instagram (duh!), Duolingo, Words with Friends (I know, still behind), Photoshop Express, & Alt Photo

Feel free to follow me on instagram :) and check out a few of my fave iPhone pics:

Iowa City Photographers Instagrams

Iowa City Photographers Instagrams

Iowa City Photographers Instagrams

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