Happy Birthday Amelia! | Carolyn Ann PhotographyFebruary 24, 2013

I was blown away by the darling details at Amelia’s 4th birthday party- rethinking my whole wedding theme ;).  Not to mention that Amelia might be the most charming young lady I have ever met.  I don’t know how her parents can handle those baby blues and cheeks on a daily basis!

Amelia + G Fmaily-3

The theme was Hello Kitty meets Valentines Day :)


Amelia + G Fmaily-8

I rocked one of these kitty ear headbands all day!

Amelia + G Fmaily-16

Amelia + G Fmaily-17

Amelia + G Fmaily-39

Amelia + G Fmaily-40I was then priveleged to a tumble session by the birthday girl herself :)

I told you she was pretty amazing.

Amelia + G Fmaily-19

Amelia + G Fmaily-22


Amelia + G Fmaily-25

Amelia + G Fmaily-69

Amelia + G Fmaily-84

There was even face painting!

Amelia Vert Lilly

Amelia + G Fmaily-90

Amelia + G Fmaily-73

There was some serious present opening business.

And then some serious present playing-with business (makeovers for everyone!)

Amelia + G Fmaily-153

Amelia + G Fmaily-154

Amelia + G Fmaily-203

I stumbled into some top secret nail polish operation.  Then the door was closed on me ;)


Amelia + G Fmaily-165

cake time!

Amelia + G Fmaily-167

Amelia + G Fmaily-173


Amelia Vert Sawyer + Lilly

Amelia + G Fmaily-178

Amelia Vert Cupcakes

What a lovely day. Thank you for letting me a part of it!

- Carolyn Ann Photography -

  1. These pictures capture the essence of what I´m sure was a very special day! Gorgeous! Looks like it was a great party!


  1. […] Amelia’s beautiful birthday party, I had some time to hang out with the G Family and get some family and individual portraits. I will […]

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