Karley Portrait Session | Carolyn Ann PhotographyJanuary 22, 2013

As soon as I got my spiffy new camera and lens, I knew just who I wanted to shoot- this darling.  Her mother is in my Masters program and we often get together at Panera to “study”, which means I give mom a break while I cuddle Karley.  You’ll see that this little one can be all ranges of emotion within in ten minutes, which gave us quite the morning of entertainment!


Her eyes just blew me away :)

hands copy copy

You can see just her playfulness here.


This photo always makes me smile.  I imagine her speaking with a British accent saying excuse me?

scream hands copy

This is when the dramatics began.  I can’t quite remember whether she was screaming, crying, or singing, but it made for a darling picture.


Once again, looking like a little adult giving looks.

tush giggle copyworried b&w

Putting on the water works- how precious!

And finally this beautiful shot of mom and daughter cuddled up:


  1. kathy aka mom { Jan 22, 2013 } Reply

    I am jealous, you get to cuddle that adorable baby!!! The pictures are great, I love the range and the expressions.

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